Our team is growing again

2nd pressman needed for our midnight shift 12am to 8am Monday to Friday. We are looking for a cold set printer with DGM and Goss 4 high towers you would be working with a crew of 6. 10 years’ experience in the printing trade, send resume to skip@mclarenpress .com &nbsp

How should I celebrate FSC Friday?

Here are some suggestions we have for marking FSC Friday: If you’re an FSC-certified business, and want to shout about what it means to be FSC-certified, why not: Hold a staff awareness day. This might include a seminar or short talk about being an FSC certificate holder, followed by a team building activity, be that ..



On 30 September 2016, FSC offices, certificate holders, members, and partners will host a series of events around the world designed to celebrate and raise awareness about responsible forest management and the role that FSC plays in it, all shared through social media (#FSCFriday) Why do we have FSC Friday? Every year the threat to ..

Web Press Design & Printing Specifications

This information is intended to help you avoid some possible pitfalls of newsprint production. They have been compiled from various sources including the Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP), the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) and from many years of research and development within McLaren Press Graphics Limited.   Prior to starting the design of ..

OCNA Spring Convention Welcome Soiree Winner !

This year at the OCNA Spring Soiree, McLaren Press Graphics had the honour of hosting the welcoming party. We brought in a photo booth that gave anyone attending a chance to have their photo taken and a chance to win a pair of Jays tickets. Not just any tickets but tickets for May 5, Jays vs Texas Rangers! Unbelievable ..