We have a great deal that we want to share with you.   For a limited time, book now to print January 6th — 20th 2014. We invite you to purchase any of the following options.   — 4 page tab newsprint up to 600,000 copies — free process colour included! $13.50/m. Size 11 3/8 x ..

A Glossary of Printing Terms
[printfriendly] Trim Definition: The final size of a printed page after excess edges have been cut off is the trim size. Crop marks indicating where to cut are printed at the edges of the paper that are then trimmed after printing. Trim size is not the same as cut size, unless the project requires no ..

Why Customer Service Is The New Marketing
[printfriendly] Treat yours customers as if they were newspapers reporters; this is the new mantra for savvy companies of all sizes. As consumers, we’ve become disenchanted with advertising and marketing of all sorts, having being duped, tricked or made to feel foolish on more than one occasion. The last true medium that holds sway is ..