Here are some suggestions we have for marking FSC Friday:

If you’re an FSC-certified business, and want to shout about what it means to be FSC-certified, why not:

  • Hold a staff awareness day. This might include a seminar or short talk about being an FSC certificate holder, followed by a team building activity, be that a quiz or a trip to your local forest.
  • Offer your customers a discount or promotional offer to encourage them to choose FSC.
  • Talk to other businesses and suppliers about the importance of FSC certification, hold an open day for local businesses or community groups, add FSC Friday to your website or social channels or host a ‘green’ event at your offices (fancy dress encouraged).

If you’re a school or youth group, and want to introduce your classes to FSC certification and responsible forestry, you can:

  • Hold a local event, at any time throughout September, to celebrate forests, and learn about the importance of sustainability.
  • Run a poster or video competition to educate children on the FSC logo and what it means, or challenge them to spot the logo at home.
  • Organize a trail or treasure hunt in your local forest, host a ‘green’ fancy dress day, screen a favorite film set in the forest, partner with another school to share your FSC Friday experiences or organize a forest cleaning day within your local community.

If you’re an individual, you can make a positive difference by choosing FSC-certified products, talking to your friends, family and colleagues about why you choose FSC, and shouting about us on social media. Don’t forget the #FSCFriday hashtag.

If you’re an environmental charity or organization, please use this opportunity to educate others on the importance of sustainability, and the work FSC does across the globe.

And make sure you follow #FSCFriday on Twitter and Facebook for further ideas from around the world!