On 30 September 2016, FSC offices, certificate holders, members, and partners will host a series of events around the world designed to celebrate and raise awareness about responsible forest management and the role that FSC plays in it, all shared through social media (#FSCFriday)

Why do we have FSC Friday?

Every year the threat to our forests increases, in the form of environmental change and illegal logging.

For over 20 years, FSC has worked to take care of forests and the people, plant, and animal species that depend on them. The FSC label gives assurance that wood, paper, and other forest products have been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

FSC Friday is about sharing that message, so that more people recognize the role we play and can help us turn the tide against global deforestation.

Who can get involved in FSC Friday?

FSC Friday is open to everyone! Last year, we saw businesses, schools and environmental groups in 31 countries taking part.

If you’re interested in the future of forests, we would love to see you involved! FSC certificate holders and businesses should contact their regional or national office to receive a range of design resources and materials for promoting FSC Friday. Find your nearest office here.