In our premedia department McLaren technicians and specialists employ a full range of state-of-the-art file processing and imposition software as well as advanced plate-making tools. Our toolbox includes:

  • Fully automated Heidelberg Printready systems to speed up cycle time, improve accuracy and enhance quality.
  • An advanced, high efficiency computer-to-plate premedia system that creates error-free plates in record time
  • Software tools that extract CIP-3 ink data during composition and apply it to our presses to automate the control of ink flow and dramatically reduce the make ready cycle.


In the pressroom, our web press comprises 28 printing units and two folders, enabling us to run 56 tabloid pages in four colours in one pass. We continuously upgrade our technology to increase our workflow, enhance our quality and reduce waste. Our recent investments include:

  • QI controls MRC- 3D closed loop registration controls that adjust colour registration on-the-fly in real time.
  • Jardis infeeds and splicers that keep the job running at speed through paper changes.
  • Remote inking with CIP3 ink presets to speed up makeready and deliver high fidelity colour.
  • Ink levelers to ensure consistent density throughout the jobs.

Our sheetfed press is a five colour + Aqueous coater, 40” Heidelberg Speedmaster 102, perfect for producing high quality colour publication covers as well as other jobs.


Our in-house bindery is a “one-stop” print shop that gives you tightly controlled production cycles from start to finish.




1    AC digital drives
1    750 VA transformer
1    Diesel Generator
2    Ingersol Rand EP40/50SE Air Compressors

Electronic Prepress

1   Heidelberg Dell server
2    Heidelberg Dell mini tower
2    Heidelberg Dell optiplex
1   FTP Terminal (Cable)
1   FTP Terminal (High speed Wireless)
2    Heidelberg Printready Workstations
1   Heidelberg Signastation
1   Heidelberg Metadimensions RIP
1   Heidelberg Metadimensions Print Server
1   Perretta CIP3 Data interpretor
1   Lithotel CIP3 Data interpretor
1   EPG CIP3 Data interpretor
1   EPSON 9890 Forms Proofer
2    Epson Proofer Surecolour T52700
1   Nela Plate Bender
1   Nela Plate Bender
1   Burgess Semi-Auto Punch/Bender
1   Heidelberg Supra Setter
1   Fuji Javelin Platesetter
1   Software
2    FTP servers

Delivery Fleet

1   2020 International HV607
1   2016 Freightliner M2106
1   2009 Kenworth T370

Press Room

3   Global 100A x 4 high Towers – coldset – 4 colour
2   Global 100A x 4 high Towers – heatset – 4 colour
3   DGM 430 4 high Towers – coldset – 4 colour
7   Peretta Ink controls
7   QI Ink register control system
1   RO Water system/recirculator
64  Ink levellers
8   Jardis/Ebway Infeeds
8   Jardis/Ebway Splicers
2   DGM/Global Consoles
2   DGM 1030/1035 Folders
1   Global Commercial Folder
1   Upper former
1   Baldwin Countoveyors
2   Gammeller Compensating Stacker
3   Acme strapping machines
2   Toyota FGCU25 Forklift/Clamp truck
2   Scales
1   EFI plant manager/autocount
1   Heidelberg Speedmaster 40″ 102 5 colour with AQ coater

1   Stitchmaster ST 270 4 pocket+cover feeder w/stacker
1   Dynaric D-2400 strapping machines
1   Guillotine/Cutter
1   MBO Folder