Eight Sheet: a poster measuring 60 x 80in (153 x 203cm) and, traditionally, made up of eight individual sheets.

Electronic Publishing: a generic term for the distribution of information which is stored, transmitted and reproduced electronically. Teletext and Videotext are two examples of this technology in its purest form, ie no paper. Desktop publishing forms just one part of the electronic publishing market.

Elliptical Dot: in halftone photography, elongated dots which give improved gradation of tones particularly in middle tones and vignettes.

Embossing: the process of raising, by an un-inked block, letters or designs on card or strong paper.

Endpapers: the four page leaves at the front and end of a book which are pasted to the insides of the front and back covers (boards).

Eye Mark: a printed line or block at the edge of a printed reel highlighting print repeat. Used to trigger a ‘magic eye’ on converting machinery.

Expanded Type: a typeface with a slightly wider body giving a flatter appearance.