Imposition: refers to the arrangement of pages on a printed sheet, which when the sheet is finally printed on both sides, folded and trimmed, will place the pages in their correct order.

Impression Cylinder: the cylinder of a printing machine which brings the paper into contact with the printing plate or blanket cylinder.

Imprint: the name and place of the publisher and printer required by law if a publication is to be published. Sometimes accompanied by codes indicating the quantity printed, month/year of printing and an internal control number.

Ink-Jet: a non-impact printing process in which droplets of ink are projected onto paper or other material, in a computer-determined pattern.

Insert: a piece of paper or card laid between the leaves of a book and not secured in any way.

Impression: in printing, the pressure of the plate or blanket as it comes in contact with paper.

Imposition: arrangement of pages in a sequence, which will read consecutively when the printed sheet is folded.

Intaglio: printing method in which the image in the plate is etched or recessed.  The ink is applied to the plate, wiped clean and then the ink remaining in the recesses transfers to the substrate.

ISBN: international Standard Book Number. A reference number given to every published work. Usually found on the back of the title page.

ISDN: this is an acronym for Integrated Services Digital Network – a telephone network service which carries data, voice transmissions by digital means, not analogue.

ISO9000/1/2/3/4: international quality standard for industry defining the structure of an organisation, its obligations and authorisations, the structure of production and its ability to manufacture products or to produce services at a continuous quality level (in conformity with the standard).

Ivory Board: a smooth high white board used for business cards etc.