Machine Glazed (MG): paper with a high gloss finish on one side only.

Magenta: process red, one of the basic colours in process colour.

Magnetic Ink: a magnetized ink that can be read both by humans and by electronic machines. Used in cheque printing.

Make-Up: the assembling of all elements, to form the printed image.

Making Ready: the time spent in making ready the level of the printing surface by packing out under the form or around the impression cylinder.

Manilla: a tough brown paper used to produce stationery and wrapping paper.

Margins: the non printing areas of page.

Mark Up: copy prepared for a compositor setting out in detail all the typesetting instructions.

Mask: opaque material or masking tape used to block-off an area of the artwork.

Masthead: details of publisher and editorial staff usually printed on the contents page.

Matt Art: a coated printing paper with a dull surface.

Mechanical Binding: a method of binding which secures pre-trimmed leaves by the insertion of wire or plastic spirals through holes drilled in the binding edge.

Mechanical Tint: a pre-printed sheet of dots, lines or patterns that can be laid down on artwork for reproduction.

Metallic Ink: printing inks which produce an effect gold, silver, bronze or metallic colours.

Mid Tones: the tonal range between highlights and shadows of a photograph or reproduction

MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. Automatic sorting method used, e.g. on cheques, based on the printing of numbers in magnetic ink.

Mock-Up: the rough visual of a publication or design.

Modem (MOdulator-DEModulator): a device for converting digital data into audio signals and back again. Primarily used for transmitting data between computers over telephone lines.

Moire Pattern: the result of superimposing half-tone screens at the wrong angle thereby giving a chequered effect on the printed half-tone. Normally detected during the stage of progressive proofs.

Montage: a single image formed from the assembling of several images.

Mounting board: a heavy board used for mounting artwork.

MS (Manuscript): the original written or typewritten work of an author submitted for publication.