Julia Dufour

The Sentient newspaper is a student run initiative that was undergoing changes during the summer of 2013 for the upcoming fall semester. As a student, I always appreciate good deals and great service, and so that is what we were looking for when searching for a printing company that would work with us to create something we could be proud of. Almost immediately following my conversation with Tawnya, I knew that choosing to print with McLaren Press would be a wise choice. McLaren Press has not only given us great service, but has gone above and beyond our expectations. Even though we are a small student initiative with a low price range, McLaren Press was not hesitant to work with us and continues to be able to provide us with exceptional quality for a low cost. It was amazing to work with such a friendly staff who not only gave great advice to students who were new at newspaper printing, but who also helped us with the development of the paper. I am confident when I say that The Sentient newspaper would not have been what it is today without the help and service from McLaren Press.
I look forward to continue to work with McLaren Press in the future!